ubSpawn 0.6.1

A convenient menu to launch applications and open folders

Not bad

ubSpawn enables you to create an application launcher that you can both use on your computer or a USB removable drive. It's especially useful for the latter, as it enables you to get direct access to apps on any PC, provided they're all installed in similar folder structures.

The menu can be divided into groups and supports drag-and-drop of items and direct links to folders as well. But besides this functionality as launcher, ubSpawn keeps other aces up the sleeve: one is the possibility to use the title bar to display messages like in a news ticker, which can even be configured to show the last headlines of your favourite RSS feed. The other is the ability to assign functions to the four screen corners, although unfortunately the program crashed every time we tried to configure this option.

ubSpawn is a simple application launcher with interesting extra functionality.

ubSpawn is a small and simple application to manage an unlimited number of files and folders for quick access. It's especially suited for portable applications on USB drives or mobile mediums.

The program was inspired from the excellent program starter application PStart, so that users could switch easily to ubSpawn. In the future, ubSpawn will contain small helpers and some nice security features for working with portable applications on mobile drives more comfortable.

ubSpawn is a "green" application, which basically means, that this program does not use the registry and does not modify the system in a way you don't like.



ubSpawn 0.6.1

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